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The use of a tannin crude extract from Cistus ladanifer L. to protect soya-bean protein from degradation in the rumen.

Dentinho, M. T. P., Moreira, O. C., Pereira, M. S., Bessa, R. J. B., 2007.  Animal, 1: 645–650.


The effect of grape seed extract or Cistus ladanifer L. on muscle volatile compounds of lambs fed dehydrated lucerne supplemented with oil.

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The effect of grape seed extract, Cistus ladanifer L. and vegetable oil supplementation on fatty acid composition of abomasal digesta and intramuscular fat of lambs.

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Effect of dietary grape seed extract and Cistus ladanifer L. in combination with vegetable oil supplementation on oxidative stability of lamb meat.

Jerónimo, E., Alfaia, C. M., Alves, S. P., Dentinho, M. T. P., Prates, J. A. M., Vasta, V., Santos-Silva, J., Bessa, R. J. B., 2012. Meat Science, 92: 841-847.


Digestion, ruminal fermentation and microbial nitrogen supply in sheep fed soybean meal treated with Cistus ladanifer L. tannins.

Dentinho, M. T., Belo, A. T., Bessa, R. J. B., 2014.  Small Ruminant Research, 119: 57-64


Growth performance, carcass and meat quality of lambs supplemented with increasing levels of a tanniferous bush (Cistus ladanifer L.) and vegetable oils.

Francisco, A., Dentinho, M. T., Alves, S. P., Portugal, P. V., Fernandes, F., Sengo, S., Jerónimo, E., Oliveira, M. A., Costa, P., Sequeira, A., Bessa, R. J. B., Santos-Silva, J., 2015.  Meat Science, 100: 275-282.


Cistus ladanifer L. shrub is rich in saturated and branched chain fatty acids and their concentration increase in Mediterranean dry season.

Guerreiro, O., Alves, S. P., Duarte, M. F., Bessa, R. J. B., Jerónimo, E., 2015.  Lipids, 50:493–501.


Potential of Cistus ladanifer L. shrub for ruminant diets – Effect of season and plant age on chemical composition, in vitro digestibility and antioxidant activity.

Guerreiro, O., Guerra, A. R., Ramos, P. A. B., Moreira, O. C., Dentinho, M. T. P., Bessa, R. J. B., Duarte, M. F., Jerónimo, E., 2016.  Grass and Forage Science, 71: 437–447.


Effect of feeding lambs with a tanniferous shrub (rockrose) and a vegetable oil blend on fatty acid composition of meat lipids.

Francisco, A., Alves, S. P., Pires, V. M. R., Dentinho, M. T., Alfaia, C. M., Jerónimo, E., Prates, J. A. M., Santos-Silva, J., Bessa, R. J. B., 2016.  Animal, 10:12, 2061–2073.


Effects of extracts obtained from Cistus ladanifer L. on in vitro rumen biohydrogenation.

Guerreiro, O., Alves, S. P., Costa, M., Cabo, A., Duarte M. F., Jerónimo E., Bessa R. J. B., 2016.  Animal Feed Science and Technology, 219: 304–312.


Modulation of in vitro rumen biohydrogenation by Cistus ladanifer tannins compared with other tannin sources.

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Dietary effects on stable carbon isotope composition of fatty acids in polar and neutral fraction of intramuscular fat of lambs.

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Effects of dietary inclusion of citrus pulp and rockrose soft stems and leaves on lamb meat quality and fatty acid composition.

Francisco, A., Alves, S., Portugal, P. V., Dentinho, M. T., Jerónimo, E., Sengo, S., Almeida, J. M., Bressan, M. C., Pires, V., Alfaia, C., Prates, J. M. P., Bessa, R. J. B., Santos-Silva, J., 2017.  Animal. In press